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Year 8 VR experience

Aaron Santoso (Year 8)

As our world begins to advance in technology at an exponential rate, newer gadgets become more accessible to people, one of them being virtual reality. The year 8s get to experience this new thrilling adventure, travelling around the coastal waters of NZ, right from their seats!

A group called BLAKE, came to our school to run a few VR sessions. They were named after a famous NZ sailor, Sir Peter Blake. He was a sailing legend, winning several awards in that sport. But, most importantly, he had a strong heart for nature, and the BLAKE group wanted to continue Sir Peter Blake’s message.

Because “we can’t take every child to the ocean, let’s bring the ocean to every child.” The entire year 8 cohort got the chance to put on those stylin’ VR headsets and take a deep dive under the water. The session revolved around the Marine Environment, about how it is endangered, effects of human presence, and what we can do to help. We saw the difference of damaged environments and healthy ones and understood what made them like that. As we are the future generation, it will soon be our turn to take over.

But learning aside, they had an extremely fun time. We thank the BLAKE group for sharing this experience with us, and the teachers that made this possible.