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Year 8s rocking with the rock man

Who knows more about rocks and volcanoes than Ella and Tom? Ella and Tom both work at the Auckland Museum and specialise in rocks and volcanoes. Our school was delighted to have them visit the Year 8 classes with interactive games.

It was a great learning experience and we had a lot of fun throughout the lesson. We learnt many things like what to do during an emergency and important information we need to know when a disaster occurs. Tom and Ella also showed us the history of different volcanoes and how the volcanic rocks are formed during an eruption.

There are around fifty extinct volcanoes in Auckland and one dormant volcano which is Rangitoto. We practised what we did in an earthquake with some people under tables and others in doorways. Another activity was where we had to match the rocks to its name, for most of us it took us time to figure which rock was which.

We also learnt about the three different types of volcanoes and the rock formed by them: Explosive Eruption where pumice and obsidian are formed, Fire Fountain where scoria and lava bombs are formed and Lava Flows where a smaller volcano branches out of the main flow and basalt rock is formed.

All the Year 8s would like to thank Ella and Tom for taking the time to come to our school and share their wealth of information about volcanoes and rocks with us. This fun lesson will help us with our science unit for this term; the geosphere.

Cyprus Causer, Sophie Cranwell and Maria Tuineau