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Year 8s visit AUT Millennium Centre


On Tuesday, some of the Year 8 students were selected to visit the AUT Millennium Centre in Rosedale. We had a range of activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, water safety and team building/track and field. Nestle provided us with a healthy lunch and a talk about the importance of having a balanced diet.

After we split up into four different groups, we were sent off to our activities. Groups one and two began with the water activities (kayaking and water safety), and groups three and four did the adventure activities (rock climbing, team building and track and field).

Even though it was an early morning for us, we still enjoyed ourselves and had a great day. We would like to thank the AUT staff and the team from Nestle for helping us enjoy what was a wonderful day.

Milly Corboy, Sophie Cranwell, Georgia Cuer