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Year 9 fructose study


Last week 9 GNS, CLE, DNN and BRN participated in the Fructose test run by Ms Webber from Auckland University and Dr Laux. The night before, the students were not to eat any food after 8.30pm the night before the experiment. They were only allowed to drink water in the morning before coming to school.

At school students were taught how to use the breathalyzer by Ms Webber. They then recorded their baseline level of hydrogen. Next, they drank a fructose drink which, they learnt, contained half the amount of fructose found in a can of coke (without the flavouring and acid ingredients).

Now, we know how ‘real’ coke would taste. Really, really, sweet! Students then recorded their hydrogen gas levels five more times at fifteen-minute intervals. Once the test finished, the classes had breakfast made by Ms McCreath and Year 13 students Niamh Walsh and Aleks Fletcher. This consisted of yoghurt, fruits, chocolate milk and ham and cheese toast.

Although it was a bit boring because of the time waiting between tests, it was interesting to be part of the study so we could learn what fructose can do to your body. Fructose is processed by your gut and produces hydrogen, so recording hydrogen levels is an indication of how much fructose is processed by your body.

Sian Villeran 9CLE