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Year 9 Retreat

The Year 9 retreat, led by the Logos team, was both fun and interesting. The theme was We are the Church.

We completed five activities that we did in rotation throughout the day.

One of the activities was learning about saints. We focused on two saints and also on the venerable Suzanne Aubert. We first watched a video about the saint and then completed a crossword to test our knowledge. There were prizes for the first person to get them all correct. The rest of the correct entries were put in a draw and a lucky person was picked for another prize!

Reconciliation was held in the Chapel and Father Kevin talked about his first reconciliation experience as a child (which he said wasn’t good!) and how it improved over time. We then confessed our sins in a unique way, by writing them on a piece of paper and handing it to father who gave us absolution.

In Mr Yalda’s session we focussed on the rosary. We learnt how to recite the rosary, and then were given a rosary to pray one decade of it.

Another activity was reflecting on our gifts and talents. In a discussion with our classmates, we shared what we thought our gifts and talents were, then we drew an impression of ourselves on paper with our gifts and talents mentioned around us.

The fifth activity was working together as a team. This was a tricky but fun activity. There were planks to step on and move forward but the tricky part was we had to make sure we were in contact with the plank or we would lose! To get the whole team forward to the finish line was quite a challenge but eventually, most teams managed it.

To finish off our retreat, we celebrated mass and had a pizza lunch.

It was a fabulous day of prayer and reflection. A massive thank you to all those who were involved in our Year 9 retreat.

Cyprus Causer