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Year 9s Readers Cup – a hard fought race

If you like to challenge yourself and you like reading books, the Readers Cup should come to your mind. It is an intense and close competition of a quiz for Year 9 students which began in the library at Sancta Maria College late in term 1. 

Five teams of avid readers fought for the winning place, having prepared for weeks in advance. The competitors were instructed to read three books to ready themselves for the competition. However, only one team could progress to represent the College at the Auckland Readers Cup competition, and hopefully advancing to the nationals. 

Joaquin Ambrosio, Andrew Ibbetson, Izzy Robinson, Jadyn Borromero and Jacob Fischer are the five victorious Year 9 students who are now the 2024 representative team for Sancta Maria College at the annual Reader’s Cup (as pictured below). When the scores were announced the current representative team had tied with another team resulting in a tiebreak question to win it all. The first question was answered incorrectly, but when they announced the second question, Joaquin was quick to answer and clinch the title for the team, and they narrowly won the in-school competition.


The winning team must now read and study a further six books for the regional competition in June. It was great to see so many Year 9s step up to the challenge and compete with others for the spot of a winning experience. Many thanks to Ms. O’Rourke for organising this competition. We are excited to see how our team goes in the regional finals.