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Young Vinnies Otahuhu Cooking Project

Kayleigh Pieters (Year 11)

On Thursday the 10th of June a small group of students set out afterschool to Otahuhu, to help Saint Vincent’s De Paul make meals and package laundry detergent to take home.

We left at around 4pm in one of the school vans, kindly driven by Mr Piggin, one of the teachers at Sancta Maria Collage. We arrived slightly late compared to the other two schools that were there, because of traffic, and we got straight into the icebreaker activities.

After everyone had been introduced to each other and played some warm up games, 8 – 10 students went upstairs to the kitchen to cook homemade meals for Saint Vincent De Paul to hand out to those who needed it most.

The rest of the group went to the warehouse to pack laundry detergent for people to take home. After all the detergent was packed into the bottles, and the meals cooked, the group had a warm down activity were we went around in a circle and said one word about their experience.

Overall this was a good, productive session, and the knowledge that what we were doing would be helping others was rewarding.