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Youth Survey – Have your voice heard


The Howick Youth Council is a group of 27 serving over 20,000 young people under 25 in our ward area. To know what to advocate for on your behalf, and to more accurately reflect our diverse community, we need to hear from you.

At the start of the year, the Howick Youth Council cemented what it was we wanted to do for you, our community, this year and beyond.

We came up with three words: represent, develop, and connect – all of which we aim towards through our events. In particular, represent means we want to showcase youth voices in initiating changes in our community accurately.

This is how the idea for a Youth Survey came about. On top of our other findings from documents such as youth summit reports, this survey will help us understand how we can shape our work to best serve you – backed up by hard statistics.

You can fill in our survey here – It takes about 10 minutes, but the data you can help us collect will be invaluable. As a bonus, you can be in the draw to win 1 of 3 $100 Prezzy cards. So, what are you waiting for?