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Moana Jr leaves students spellbound

Marcus Cuer and Gaia Carrozzino

On Friday 8 September, a selection of Year 7s and 8s from some of Sancta Maria’s English acceleration classes went to watch the National Youth Theatre’s ‘Moana Jr’ production. This production was based on the 2016 Disney film, Moana. This performance was held at Manukau Due Drop event Centre performed by children like us.

At 9:15am, the students came together ready to hop on the bus to make their way to the production. Once we made our way onto the bus, we sat down excited for the play. When we got there, we sat on the crumbly and crusty concrete ground waiting for the rest of the schools to arrive. Once all the schools were there, the students marched through the doors of the building ready to watch, with great excitement.

We were seated in the theatre, and we stared at the curtains as it opened, revealing the amazing kids who took part in the production. Throughout the performance it was filled with amazing acting and magnificent music. The acting felt real, and they made it fun for us to have good times. Listening to the music was a blast as well, as we the voices kept the energy alive. The costumes and props were well made as they looked great as each item was different with their own unique styles.  Each piece was diverse and colourful suiting each part it was shown in. They were used in many ways to create effects like the bright blue ocean.

As a group we all had a fantastic time seeing this awesome production. Overall, this was an outstanding presentation and I highly recommend this to all who love watching adventurers and Disney movies.

By Marcus Cuer


Not in a million years will I be able to tell you how much I loved the Moana Jnr show that I attended during the end of Term 3. From the acting to the costumes, it was all amazing. The show was at the Due Drop Event Centre, and it was put on by the National Youth Theatre. The show was on from the 4 – 10 September. The venue was immaculate, and I loved every moment of this show.

From the minute I walked into the theatre I saw these huge deep red curtains draped down over the stage. Before I knew it the big red curtains opened to a beautiful site of large screen with the writing Moana Jnr in bold. The pictures changed according to the scene, the quality of the pictures was immaculate, and they had perfect timing.

As for the acting, it was exceptional. The standout actor was Moana. Her acting was incredible, especially her singing. Moana’s singing was the best singing I have ever heard. She never had any bad moments. It was all pitch perfect.

I give Moana Jnr four stars as it was amazing, but the reason I deducted a point is because they missed quite a few parts from the movie. Overall, it was a great show, and I would definitely go see it again.

By Gaia Carrozzino