Religious Education

The Religious Education programme is a dynamic, practical way for students to learn about, understand and put into practice their faith. The programme helps students to develop an understanding about how Catholics celebrate, live and pray in ways that are relevant to living in the world today.

It seeks to enhance the collaborative relationship between home, school and parish as they work together to educate the young people in faith.

The officially approved national curriculum of Religious Education in Catholic secondary schools in Aotearoa New Zealand is entitled Understanding Faith. This name gives an indication of the purpose of the curriculum, which is to help students gain knowledge, understanding and appreciation of what it means to be Catholic.

The course is compulsory for all students at all levels at Sancta Maria College. Students in Years 11 – 13 work towards gaining NCEA credits at the corresponding level (1-3) and these credits are able to be used for entry into tertiary education.