The Sancta Maria College Science Department aims to encourage students from Year 7 to 10 to enjoy and excel at science. The Science course is balanced across the three main branches biology, chemistry and physics in these years, and then students can choose to specialise in any or all of the three in the senior school.

The courses provide a solid background for students intending to further their education in science so they can enter careers where applying scientific principles and knowledge is necessary. The skilled and enthusiastic staff motivate students to ensure they gain a better understanding and appreciation of the world they live in.

At Years 11-13 the College offers a course  designed for those students who enjoy science but do not want to specialise in one of the three main areas. These students follow a programme which allows them to study the earth, astronomy and environmental sustainability.

Students will study from a variety of topics such as: Geology, Fossils and our Earth, Our Atmosphere, Our Oceans, Astronomy and Planning for a Sustainable Future.

This course enables students to gain credits at NCEA Levels 1-3 and leads to the study of science at tertiary institutions.