The Board of Trustees works in partnership with the Principal to support and lead the school, provide our students with the very best opportunities to maximise their learning potential and prepare them for the future.

The Board is responsible for the governance of the school, setting the schools strategic direction, recognising and enhancing the Special Catholic Character, compliance, allocating decision-making responsibilities and giving focus to student progress and achievement. It is also the employer of all staff and reports annually to the Proprietor in relation to its legal obligations.


Board of Trustees Elections :  2019

Board of Trustees Elections :  2019
Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results
Parent Representatives votes:
                              BOKUNIEWICZ, Ilona                                      151
                              BRABANT, Warren                                          163
                              FARMER, Leanne                                            131
                              GUINAN, Dianne                                            123
                              NELSON, Maurice                                           119
                              RAUKARA, Kane                                             122
                              SMITH, David                                                129
                              ZHI-SHENG, Stuart                                         130

Invalid votes:     2

I hereby declare the following duly elected:

                            Ilona Bokuniewicz
                              Warren Brabant
                              Leanne Farmer
                              David Smith
                              Stuart Zhi-Sheng

Staff Representative votes:

                              AL-RUBAIE, Joanne                                        32
                              KEVERN, Amara                                             16

I hereby declare Joanne Al-Rubaie duly elected

Margaret Littlejohn
Returning Officer

The Board Structure

The structure of the Sancta Maria College Board of Trustees consists of:
• Parent Elected Representatives
• The Principal
• One Staff Elected Representative
• One Student Elected Representative

In addition to this, there are Proprietor’s Appointees who also serve on the Board and have all the rights and obligations of other Board members. The Proprietors Appointees are especially responsible for ensuring the school’s Special Catholic Character is strengthened.

Board Committees

Board members also choose to be on one or more Board Committees that meet regularly to work through the detail of any matters and policy, and bring recommendations to the Board meetings for discussion and final approval.

There are three committees - Finance and Property, Human Resources and Special Character. As well, special responsibilities are given to the identified committee members for Health and Safety and Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC).

Further information on the role of the Board can be found on 

If you wish, you can contact The SMC Board of Trustees via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Meet the Trustees of 2018

Downloadable version: Meet the Trustees 2018