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Freshly baked scones benefit hospice


It was an early start when the smell of scones baked by Mrs Rehu and Mrs McCreath started to attract people while the stall was not even set up.

On Saturday, students of 11 CLE and their parents got busy again to prepare for the second bake sale at Botany Bunnings to fundraise for the volunteers working at Totara hospice in Manurewa.

This time the stall featured more savoury items compared to the first fundraising event. Mrs Parcon and Mrs Joseph were the parent stars of the day as they helped with the sale. There were lots of laughs and enthusiasm to try to attract the different clientele. We would like to thank Mrs Caudy and Mrs Greengrass who also donated their time to contribute to our project. Extra thanks to Sophia and Chriselle from Dr Laux’s biology class who kindly baked more scones.

The sale raised $477.90, making a total of just over $1,000 towards the project. This initiative would not have been possible without the help of all the parents and students who committed their time to this good cause. From the bottom of their hearts, 11CLE would like to thank all the parents, students and the school staff for the support they demonstrated throughout this project.

Last but not least, thank you to Dr Laux who initiated the idea and organised the making of the Christmas cards, the fundraising events and went to negotiate with the local businesses (Kmart-Papatoetoe, Bed Bath and Beyond-Botany, Pak & Save) to sponsor us. Dr Laux regularly works for Totara Hospice in her spare time.

It is now time to finalise the Christmas presents and it is certain that they will carry the Sancta Maria College spirit to all those hard-working volunteers at the hospice.