A cupcake for a cause


A sea of cupcakes, brownies and cookies greeted Sancta Maria College students on the day of the bake sale, held in support of the World Vision 40-hour famine. Thursday lunchtime was a frenzy of eager students, with coins being exchanged for sweets at the speed of sound.


This year, all proceeds are going to help 2.5 million South Sudanese refugees fleeing internal conflict between warring tribes. With the help of everyone who baked and bought, we were able to raise $641.40 to help improve the lives of displaced children.


Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 to go towards World Vision’s funding of child-friendly spaces, foster programmes, therapy and improved education. A quarter of the student body has already signed up to participate in the 40-hour famine but we need more people to join and support the cause in order to transform the lives of refugee families and children. A big thank you to all our bakers, buyers and the teachers who so wholeheartedly supported our efforts.


Kate Gaabucayan