International students graduate

Last Friday in the library, 11 seats were set up with black graduation hats on them, ready to be worn by the international students who graduated as the class 2017. The students were Yoyo Cheng, Mimi Huang, Eason Che, Annice Ng, Brian Cheong, Jared Li, Henry Ng, Camilla Chen, Ambrose Chu and Harper Liu who were all beautifully dressed up with big smiles on their faces ready to start a new chapter in their lives.

It all began back in August of 2014 when the first of the international students, Brian and Annie, flew in from Macau. Like most of the international students they were at first reluctant to start their new school life at Sancta Maria College. Afraid of not speaking fluent English and feeling confused over the odd way we Kiwis work and dress in school.

However, they eventually fell in love with the school that soon became like a second home. From then on more students flew in from places all over China such as Hong Kong and Macau and up until this day the students have all grown so close like one big family.

The graduation was a day that brought back many significant memories to all of the students as to how they first met and what they all thought of The College. It was a heart filling and touching service which showed the real connection and bond that these students have formed over their years together.

So, we say a big farewell to our international students as they head off to wonderful places to follow their passions and dreams. Wherever they go we hope that they will never forget their friends and family here at Sancta Maria College.

Francesca Adams