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It was a jam-packed day of Futsal

On Wednesday with the sun shining bright, anticipation grew for what was going to be a great day of futsal as seven schools from around East Auckland took part in an annual Year 7 & 8 one day tournament, which this year was hosted by Sancta Maria College.

Futsal is basically a faster form of football, and is played on a harder and smaller surface, with smaller goals and 5 players in each team.

There was so much talent and amazing play showcased by the players and notable competition from the likes of Bucklands Beach Intermediate and Sommerville Intermediate. There was also some awesome feedback from our players who, despite facing some tough opponents, really enjoyed the event.

“Even though we lost most of our games it was really fun,” Year 8 Ethan Siao said.

Zach Willcocks and Thomas George, also Year 8 students, talked about how the competition was really exciting as well.

There were also many people from coaches to referees and scorekeepers who played a huge part in making the day what it was. Six Year 11 students from our school helped to coach the teams. Those students were Tremaine Blake-Havea, Jamie Fell, Martin Ibrahim, Anthony Nelson, Samuel O’Neil and Finn Taylor. Also 5 Year 12 students were referees for the games and did a great job.

Overall it was a spectacular day and was one that everybody thoroughly enjoyed. Many will be looking forward to next year to be a part of the action once again.

Shontelle Matano