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Kororāreka House Prefects for 2023

Throughout these series of articles, we get to learn more about our school Prefects, their roles, background, and aspirations. Today we are introduced to the House Prefects of Kororāreka, Aloyze Tafu and Quitin Wong.

Quintin Wong is the Kororāreka House Prefect for 2023 and became a Prefect to be active in helping the culture in Sancta Maria College.  He is an active, spontaneous, and understanding person who is goal-oriented, and he wants to inspire young people to work hard to achieve their goals and passions. Before coming to Sancta Maria College, Quintin went to Our Lady Star of The Sea where he was a middle school leader. His hobbies are volleyball, going to the gym, swimming, and playing the piano. He has competed in swimming to a highly competitive level and has won multiple awards in his chosen sport. Quintin’s words to young aspiring leaders are to “do something not everyone is willing to do” and he believes that to reach your goals you must be confident – as soon as you think you are going to fail in your goals, you have already a failed mindset.” He strongly believes in a strong and confident mindset and not being afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone and encourages you to go out and give it 100%. Quintin’s best trait is that he is an active listener who is quick to understand and his message to you is to “smile.”

Aloyze Tafu is the Kororāreka House Prefect of 2023 and became a Prefect to facilitate change for the success of future students and to build a dynamic and vigorous spirit in Sancta Maria College. Aloyze is from Samoa and is known by her friends and family as a genuine, open-minded, and patient person who faces life with great resilience and has constant support from her friends and family.  Aloyze is passionate about her family and culture. Her hobbies include anything with music such as listening to music, playing instruments, singing, and songwriting.  Aloyze has an amazing talent for music, and she has performed in school with her friends. Her plan for the year is to create a safe place for students where they feel like they belong, to increase their spirit and build a sense of pride at Sancta Maria College. Aloyze’s advice for young leaders and those looking to succeed is to involve themselves in clubs, groups, and extra-curricular activities as these shapes you as a person whom you can make connections with people you can learn from. Aloyze believes that to reach your goals “It is important to surround yourself with people who uplift and support you continuously. By doing so, you can reach your goals and succeed.” Aloyze is known to be a hard-working person who cares for her friends and family and who is going to create a great spirit at Sancta Maria College.