The Big Band, led by Mr Cho, performed 5 pieces at the Uxbridge Centre on Friday evening. They played Tweet Fatigue, Easy Money, Give up the Funk, and with Daniella Joven, the group’s talented vocalist, So Danco Samba and When I fall in Love.

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Yet again, another astonishing performance from the music students at the Uxbridge Centre in Howick on Friday, when our Symphony Orchestra performed at midday. The Orchestra was conducted by Mr Stuart Gibbs (Head of Department of Music). Not only did the Orchestra perform at that time, but also small quartets and groups (String and Choral Ensemble, Flute Trio, Clarinet Quintet, and String and Flute Ensemble) who all played magnificently.

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An unforgettable and memorable retreat was held for a group of 15 Year 12 and Year 13 students, starting after school on Wednesday and concluding 48 hours later. Deus Tempus means “God’s Time”, and this retreat gave the students a chance to take a step back from the real world’s time and into God’s time. The voluntary retreat gave these senior students the opportunity to reflect and learn more about themselves, their spiritual journey, as well as their faith journey.

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Sancta Maria C7 netball team took a novel approach to training last week as they prepared for the first day of the competition round. All teams gave their all, showing determination, perseverance and great teamwork! A highlight game was that of Sancta Maria C9 against Sancta Maria C8, with Sancta Maria C9 taking out the win 24-7.

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