Pictured from left to right: Nicola Bebelman (Year 12), Courtney Wertheim (Year 11), Victoria Heald (Year 10) and Katrina Chan (Year 12) (Sancta Maria students and skaters in the Mixed Age Ice Skating Team, Black Ice)

2018 New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Championships, it is the event of the year for figure skaters all over New Zealand. This week, Paradice Ice Skating Botany was the place to be as skaters poured their hearts out to showcase everything they’ve worked for this season. 

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The Year 7s enjoyed singing their peer support songs this morning. An exciting way to finish off the term. They had been learning them during the last few weeks under the guidance of the peer support leaders who gave their time to be with the Year 7s during homeroom. Every class came with a well written song and performed it with enthusiasm. 

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