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Lights, Camera Action!

After a week of activities and outings, the Year 9 EOTC week finished with a film making competition.

The students were given 4 hours to shoot and edit a 1 minute film. It was an exciting way to bring out the creative side of Year 9. They were grouped in their PBL (Project Based Learning) groups and given a genre, a prop and a line of dialogue they had to incorporate into their film. It was a fantastic challenge which brought out great filmmaking talent across various genres.

Earlier this year, Year 9 students had done an assessment on movie making, so they used that knowledge to help them make these movies.

Each group had a teacher or a past student to guide them. By the end of the day, they got to watch the films that were produced in a mini film festival.

Some groups were given prizes at the end in different categories as a reward for their amazing films, but the main winners are yet to be announced.

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