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Meet our student leaders 3


In this series of articles we find out about our student leaders, their background, roles and ambitions. Today we feature our Student Ambassador prefects, Laura Richardson, Caelan Lesoa and Mia Gilchrist.

Laura Richardson, Caelan Lesoa and Mia Gilchrist are the student ambassador prefects of Sancta Maria College. As representatives of the school they strive to reflect the special character of our College and be role models for the younger students.

Their first goal is to assist younger students to develop their leadership skills and promote them throughout the school. Through your journey at Sancta Maria College the team believes that an attitude of always striving to improve yourself is a major benefit that will help you grow in your future.

Laura Richardson was led to become the person she is now through curiosity. She was exposed to a leader in her family which led her to gain curiosity about the things her family members did. She became more involved with school life and the opportunities thrown at her and soon she developed a passion for helping and leading others.

Caelan Lesoa is an open-minded student. In his journey through Sancta Maria College he is always willing to try new things and sign up for basically everything. ‘You’re not going to get anywhere by doing nothing,’ he says. This was something that he believes in. His positive attitude led him to become an inspiring leader.

Mia Gilchrist has many family members and friends that motivate her and push her to achieve to the absolute best of her abilities. Mia is the person who students can talk to about anything. As one of the student ambassadors of the school Mia believes that forming friendships and connections with others is a big part of how she can help.

The 2019 student ambassador team is made up of wonderful people. As the year goes by we will be seeing and hearing a lot from them. For all the young leaders out there, their message for you is ‘

take every opportunity life throws at you, you never know how much it will help you… but, during the process stay true to yourself, don’t worry about what other people think, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t stop yourself from achieving something amazing. Learn and grow from the opportunities that life gives you and most of all, enjoy it!’

Jennifer Zeng