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Miyuki in Thailand


Through the school’s help in fundraising for her cause, Sancta Maria College student Miyuki Muraki was able to raise enough money to buy supplies for the children and women in need at the Mercy Centre and the Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women (APSW) in Thailand in her latest visit to the country.


Now back home, Miyuki shares some of her stories whilst on her visit with her family to the emergency homes. Miyuki explains that in meeting girls, the same age as her, who have undergone hardships of being raped and sold into the sex industry, children as young as two months being abandoned by their mothers and others struggling with HIV and Aids, she was overwhelmed by more emotion than she was expecting.


Through the money Miyuki has been able to raise, she was able to provide essential needs to the mothers and children living in the emergency homes. Her hard work and full heart has allowed her to help organisations such as APSW, which aids traumatised or struggling women by the means of counselling and further support and the Mercy Centre that also offers financial support.


Miyuki explained how she met ‘a boy from Mercy Centre who began with nothing. He studied really hard to prove to others he was worth something and ended up receiving a scholarship. He is now a doctor in Thailand and donates monthly at Mercy Centre.’


This boy, and many others like him, are living testimonies to the impact big-hearted people like Miyuki have on the lives of others.


Angelika Bilbao