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MUNA 2024

Kleon Lae Ninofranco

Various schools across Northland and Auckland were thrilled to gather at Rosmini College for the annual Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) on the 24 & 25 May 2024. Rosmini’s auditorium revealed vibrant cultural attire, country flags, and youth with fiery spirits uniting all to debate global issues and solutions to resolve them. Our college returned for another year proudly representing Tanzania and Nepal.

MUNA is a two-day event comprising of young, passionate individuals bringing their A-game as representatives of UN countries in school teams. Students were tasked beforehand to research and write two speeches as to why their country supports their remits. These remits were chosen beforehand, so students had ample time to prepare and deliver their speeches effectively. Both teams remained committed to immersing themselves as delegates from dressing the part, designing our own stationery, to even challenging several countries’ views, opinions, and beliefs.

Although both Sancta Maria College teams returned home physically empty handed, we left with plenty of first-hand experience, knowledge, and lessons to learn for future UN events. Both teams displayed the school values flawlessly throughout the entirety of the event.

Thank you to Miss Redwood and Miss Whiteford for devoting your time in supporting us for MUNA.