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Sancta Maria’s Careers Expo

Kayleigh Pieters (Year 11)

On Tuesday the 22nd of June, from 6:15pm till 8pm the majority of year 11-13 students arrived at the Sancta Maria auditorium. Inside there were stalls with information on any career option you could imagine; from trades, to university courses, to priesthood, to makeup. As well as many stalls, there were talks hosted by the main speakers in the A Block classrooms.

The main talk that most people attended was the talk by Auckland University, but there were also talks from AUT, trades and Victoria University as well. The talks mostly consisted of information regarding the pros of going into that area, and how to apply, as well as the general statistics of the university/trade.

Overall Sancta Marias Careers Expo is a wonderful experience that I would recommend to any senior student and family looking for what to do next in their life