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Sanctus wins ‘Spirit of the Festival’ award


Our school’s Senior Choir, of almost 60 members, represented the school at the annual Big Sing competition on Tuesday and came home with the ‘Spirit of the Festival’ award.

Known collectively as Sanctus, the choir has been tirelessly rehearsing since last year to perfect their three songs in preparation for the competition. Conducted by Mr Roberson and accompanied by Phoebe Kong and Alanna Santoso, they performed The Seal Lullaby, by Eric Whitacre, Not Made With Hands, by David Hamilton and Another Day of Sun from La La Land, by Justin Hurwitz (and arranged by Jacob Narverud).

The morning saw the main competition being held. Adjudicators were seated at the back of the Town Hall, observing the choir and attentively listening while the rest of the hall was filled with the other schools participating. As nerve-wracking as it was singing on a large stage, Sanctus impressed the audience with angelic voices and pitch-perfect tones.

The group reassembled later in the evening to perform at the gala concert along with all of the other choirs. This event was much larger, and each chorale presented its top piece. Many of the schools had impressive choirs with resounding voices and even skits performed while they sang. Though nervous, Sanctus sang ‘The Seal Lullaby’ exceptionally well in front of an audience of parents, teachers, students and Mr Cho(!).

Following the performances, two awards were presented, and Sanctus made us proud by bringing one home. Our choir was represented by Anna Nguyen and Phoebe Kong, senior choir members, who accepted the ‘Spirit of the Festival’ award on our behalf. The Senior Choir earned it by their dedication and passion in their work, and are truly deserving winners.

The Gala ended with a beautiful rendition of Ka Waiata, performed by all of the choirs as one. The Town Hall was filled with angelic music and it was enjoyed by all.

Thank you to Mr Roberson for leading Sanctus to this opportunity and putting in so much work to getting us to where we are now.

Alanna Santoso