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Vinnies Youth Leaders Commissioning Mass

Teresa Croker (Year 11)

On Saturday afternoon, three of our Young Vinnies leaders, Abby, Alexa and Teresa attended the Vinnies Commissioning Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral. There were 14 other secondary schools present with passionate and kind representatives from each. The theme of the mass was Rediscovering Fire, so the leaders were urged to go forth and ‘be the light’.

Near the end of the Mass, Monsignor Bernard Kiely presented these leaders with badges and blessed them with their responsibility to serve their community. Our newly commissioned leaders sung ‘Amusia A La’ together and celebrated being part of an amazing team of individuals.

The Monsignor also handed a candle symbolizing God’s love to a delegate from each school passing on the light for future school meetings. As at Sancta Maria College, Young Vinnies is a vital part of our faith and Special Character.

After the Mass, several pictures were taken by the joyous recipients and the Ignite Team handed out warm Panikeke outside the Cathedral. This is an annual tradition showing the Auckland Youth Vinnies hospitality as it was also packed by the students prior to Mass.

A big thank you to Maia Tay Morrison who represented our school as the candle bearer and Cyprus Causer who held our school flag proudly. Along with Mr Piggin and Mrs Williams for coming to show their support!