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Year 10s develop new skills and friendships while on camp

Another successful event as the Year 10s had a journey of a lifetime. They were challenged into doing daring activities that none had ever done before as they stepped out of their comfort zone over 4 days at Catholic Youth Camp.

On 21 November all of the Year 10s had their bags packed and said their goodbyes to their families. They had been waiting for this event since the very beginning of the year and it was finally about to happen. Everyone was looking forward to camp and the experiences ahead.

During those days at camp the students were split into groups for their activities. All of us found these both fun and challenging.

Activities included: kayaking, when we had to paddle and stand up in our kayaks; Waka Ama where we had to paddle as a team in a Maori boat; Amazing Race where we had to race through various challenges that would earn our groups points; rock climbing when we had to climb up real rocks; abseiling down a cliff; gliding down a big mountain by flying fox; being taught bush craft so we knew how to survive in the bush; orienteering in groups or pairs to find our way around camp; building our own floatable rafts; and archery.

Through teamwork these activities helped us to get to know members of our year group we don’t usually hang out with much at school. Thanks to these activities we learnt how to bond with each other over these 4 days.

We were also able to share our uniquely individual talents during our skit night. From well-choreographed dances to hilarious impromptu skits we had the time of our lives. Everyone laughed so much during that night.

But all good things must came to an end and we were all very sad to have to leave camp. It was our last camp as a year group and we appreciated the opportunity to bond with our peers, as well as our teachers, and to learn new skills.

A special thank you to the teachers and staff who took the time to make sure that we were safe and secure during our time there. Also to Mr Bacon and Mrs Heffernan who spent countless hours planning our days there. We are very grateful that they were able to organize this amazing experience.

From this we learnt that we need to live life to the fullest and that we need to step out of our comfort zone once in a while.

Lorenzo Cruz