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Youth Week

Andrea Araza

Youth week is a week full of creativity, energy, and passion for young people from all over New Zealand. It features a wide range of events designed to inspire and empower young people and create opportunities to express themselves while connecting with others in the community.  

Throughout Youth Week, our school collaborated with Howick Youth Council to create leadership focused quizzes, mindful coloring sessions, and deliver free hot chocolate to students as a series of community give-back initiatives. By supporting young people, we are supporting the future of our nation to become empowering individuals and work towards a better future for all of us.  

The central theme for this year’s youth week was “Rangatira mo apopo? Rangatira I tenei ra!” which translates to “Leaders of tomorrow? Leaders for today!” We can create future leaders and empower young people to reach their full potential by allowing them to speak out and express their opinions.  

The communications lead by Howick Youth Councillor, Alanna Santoso, says that “Providing support can be as easy as listen to them talk, or even educating ourselves on issues through research, or showing up for our fellow youth when they run events, give speeches, or share their voice.” 

Thank you to everyone who made Youth Week special for our students at school.