Last Thursday saw our Year 12 history students at school bright and early. The reason? A trip to the Waikato region to visit the sites of various significant battle during the Waikato War from 1863-64. The students were able to see sites first-hand such as the remains of the Queen’s Redoubt, the Rangiriri Pa and the site of Orakau. This trip was organised to help the Year 12 students better understand the perspectives of both the Maori and British on the Waikato War for their current NCEA assessment.

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This coming Friday, 28 September, you are invited to our Pink Breakfast in the staffroom. Breakfast will be served from 7.00am to 7.45am.

Come along and enjoy bagels, hash-browns and juice, coffee or tea.

Tickets are $20 – please pay at College cashier before Friday so we know numbers.

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Anticipation ran high within the staff contestants in this year’s hotly contested Sancta gastronomic extravaganza.

What would be in their ingredients kit and what could they bring as a special ingredient to combine to create the winning dish? The challenges were layered, teams had to master a savory dish, produce a stunning classic kiwi sponge and make three special coffees (exactly which coffees was only revealed on the day).

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