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10GNS helping animals in need

For their contribution to the work of the SPCA the students of 10GNS were presented with a certificate and a badge by the SPCA Ambassador Laura, and her dog Mika.

The SPCA is a charitable organisation that provides help to animals and owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lots of animals require help and need to be taken care of. 10GNS decided it was the right time for them to help out the animals.

In term one, Dr Laux introduced the class to a project which involved putting together parcels for animals in the care of tha SPCA. In groups the students had to plan and prioritise on making sure that everything was in place and in the correct order to put the parcels together. But thanks to Dr Laux’s experience with last year’s parcel project they were able to achieve this.

So during every homeroom since the beginning of term one the groups have been working on the parcels which contained blankets, toys and treats for the animals. Each of them were dedicated to finishing them as quickly and properly as possible. After months of planning and fundraising the groups were very proud of their finished parcels.

Congratulations to each and every student who helped the SPCA.

Lorenzo Cruz