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11 CLE – mission almost completed


Last week 11CLE students were busy finishing the Christmas parcels for Totara hospice as part of their homeroom service to the community project. Yes, the project has come to its final stage!

Grace, Charlotte, Simone, Lars, Ella and Alyx spent their spare time in their busy last days at school to complete what 11CLE started back in term 2. After several fundraising events at the Botany branch of Bunnings, negotiations with local shops and appeals for buttons among the school community, one hundred parcels have been completed and will be gifted to volunteers working at Totara Hospice, Manurewa on the November 27.

This has definitely been a great experience for 11CLE. Looking at the parcels, sighs and smiles were evident amongst the students of 11CLE who could already imagine the smiles and sighs they will create in the lucky recipients. 11CLE would like to thank all those who supported them in many ways during this very special journey.