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2022 Middle School Leaders Announced!

Jermaine Daclan

41 new students from Year 10 have been successful in their applications as the Middle School Leaders for 2022. Applicants identified a project that they were passionate about as part of their application this year.

Year 10 Dean Mrs. Al-Rubaie said it was a pleasure to read the creative ways students wanted to improve the school environment, and that she looks forward to seeing students develop their leadership as they establish themselves in their allocated roles.

A huge congratulations to the chosen middle school leaders for 2022:

Community: Joshua Esterman, Kathrina Bacay and Yuan Leal

Special Character: Hannah Ernstzen, Diego Trevino and Charbel Alboutros

Kaitiakitanga: Cameron Motion, Eliza White and Enzo Scaggiante

Academic: Bernadette-Rose Tominiko, Jason Raad and Carmen Tam

Wellbeing: Matthew Kuruwila Hettige, Em-J Abuyan, Tristan Sia and Kalolaine Taulisi

Service: Jermaine Daclan, Minky Kim and Mikaela Bangalan

Art: Meara Magsalay-Downie, Elizabeth Johnstone and Greer Sullivan

Cultural: Tugia Silivelio, Iris Oliveria and Lexie Wu

Sport: Luke McEnteer and Leana Heffernan

International: Nate Yiu and Tina Zhu

Student Ambassadors: Selai Ahovelo and Joshua De Guzman

Hokianga: John Whittaker, Malaika Mashego and Dane Manuyag

Akaroa: Lucius Pang, Layla Ngapaku and Sebastian Sanchez Quiambao

Kororareka: David Gibson and Mia Makoare

Waitemata: Ethan Sharma and Mya Tubu

We wish all Middle School Leaders good luck and look forward to their contributions and services to the school!