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2022 Year 12 Leaders

Johann Ang, Teresa Croker and Jennifer Zeng (Year 12)

The time for Year 12 students to step up and become supporting leaders of the College has arrived! Mr Camp has created a leadership opportunity to reinforce and hone the stewardship of students to enable positive change throughout the school.

Intended to provide an opportunity to work alongside other leaders and allow new initiatives to prosper, the Year 12 Leaders are a team of 31 students led by Mr Camp – the Year 12 Dean – and the Deputy Community Prefects Samara and Adrian.

An important reason of establishing this group was to extend equal opportunities for everyone in the year group – especially to those who haven’t had a chance to fully develop their potential.

When choosing from a pool of applicants, some key characteristics Mr Camp considered were students with passion, those who were keen to get involved and ready make a change.

A decisive factor of the selective process were the incentives and ideas that students could offer – whether that’s something to assist in academics or to showcase more hidden talents, translating those ideas into action is the goal for the year! With the abundance of ideas, the group of growing leaders are ready to change the school while making connections with each other and the wider community.

Mr Camp wishes to emphasise that ‘Leadership is not a title; it’s an action’ – wanting students to comprehend that the very sought-after labels do not matter, it is about what you give back to the school.

To cover a variety of issues and topics, the group has been divided into portfolios which highlight several aspects of our school, and the leaders aim to focus on the growth of each section by utilising their various leadership skills and qualities. With the responsibilities analogous to prefects, the respective portfolios will also work with the current prefect counterpart to work towards developing our school community.

We encourage all students to partake in the creative activities and ideas being produced throughout the year and look out for other leadership opportunities available to you!

The following are the leaders and their respective portfolios:

Academic: Johann Ang and Grace Baragwanath

Arts: Megan Bottom and Dennis Tam

Community: Francesca Camacho and Mary Aguirre

Cultural: Akshita Ann Joby and Togitoto Magele Rees

Digital: Daniel Pereira, Cameron Smith, and Jaiden Beltran

Environment: Anna Sajan and Kayleigh Pieters

International: Grace Chen and Chesca Zambrano

Service: Sarah McCormick and Callista Prom

Sport: Navhil Singh and Olivia Selemaia

Student Ambassador: Selene Villaluna and Jayden Lai

Well-Being: Cadence Alenepi and Benedict Loulie-Wijtenburg

Akaroa: Jennifer Zeng and Linus Pang

Hokianga: Aimee Smith and Noel Chettiar

Kororareka: Aloyze Tafu and Nathan Chin

Waitemata: Rhoel Bautista and Nicole Xu


Congratulations to all these students and we wish them the best of luck in their new roles!