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2023 Athletics day – Student Reflections

Waitematā (Winnie Zou)

Full of excitement I walked towards the field with my house. Right behind Kororāreka we screamed our chant ‘We got what you are looking for’. After a few minutes all the houses had completed their entrances and chants onto the school field, and they settled where we were supposed to sit. Starting with Waitematā we yelled our house chant, followed one by one, with all the other houses. Onto my first activity which was shotput. While on my way to my 2nd activity (long jump) I saw the 200m races go off. It was fascinating to watch, as the participants sprinted passed me, trying to win and get into the finals.

As the field events ended, I noticed the 100m sprints for U14 girls was about to start. Anxiously, I walked over towards the track, where the race was about to begin. After a few minutes of waiting, it was finally time, for me to race. “HONK!” I sprinted towards the finish line, and I had won. I was then asked to participate in the U14 girl’s relays, and I gladly accepted the offer. Finally, it was time for the sprints, and “HONK!” I started my sprint. I came 2nd. Which I was so happy with. The rest of the day zoomed by. Chilling with friends and enjoying the sun. The second to last activity was the obstacle course which I loved it! After the obstacle course, was the Relay race. I was so glad that I had signed up for relays. My team was great! I was first runner. The moment I heard the bang I sprinted my heart out. I passed my baton to the next person and before I knew it, the race was over, and our team came 2nd. I overall enjoyed this year’s athletics! I am excited for next year’s athletics.

Kororāreka (Zoe Martis)

The atmosphere of Athletics day starts as soon as you enter the school, with a sea of red, blue, green and yellow flooding the area. The Sun has finally come out after days of rain and it’s in perfect condition for a fun day on the field. Everyone heads over to their houses; I belong to Kororāreka (the red house) and everyone is hyped; we are getting ready to parade onto the field. Screaming and chanting, we entered the field with a bang – great start. The day started with different year groups participating in the many track or field events, along with constantly popping on sunscreen and drinking water, as the sun was giving us a beautiful day. With Kororāreka as the reigning champs for the last three years, the pressure was on. Most people would try and participate in all their events to get points for their houses. The day went on, and the house points were updated along the way, the second points update was “Kororāreka in 3rd place. We were all in shock. As the day came to an end, house relays started Waitematā, and Hokianga was winning nearly all the relays. As the results were presented, in fourth place, Akaroa!! in third place, Kororāreka”, with Hokianga first and Waitamatā 2nd. It turned out to be a fun day to be remembered.

Akaroa (Jennifer Zeng)

Akaroa is making a comeback one step at a time. Sancta Maria Athletics day 2023 was a day full of excitement, energy and enthusiasm. As a major house event, the spirit of Akaroa was unmistakable – with a large Year 13 mixed group wearing matching lifeguard costumes, face paint on different limbs and even drummers during the chant off.

Linus Pang says: “In my eyes, we won. We cheered our loudest and played the hardest – no other house did it like we did”

The Akaroa House Prefects, Yohan and I, wanted to express how proud we are to see Akaroa members participating and having fun. Specks of yellow-coloured t-shirts and props could be found everywhere, in field, track and even the bouncy castle event. Yohan says: “There is so much potential for the future, and we aren’t giving up yet!”

Hokianga (Kael Sunga)

Athletics day 2023 was a very memorable experience especially competing as a part of Hokianga. The day from beginning to end was filled with excitement and positive energy. Participating in our track and field events with our fellow peers kept us all busy throughout the day, as well as the constant cheering and support from the rest of Hokianga. Athletics has helped bond us as a house and as a team. The leader board was constantly changing where we would go from bottom to the top, we still managed to take our well-deserved placement. Relays were a highlight for Hokianga because we were able to win majority of the races and gain more points. Athletics resulted in Hokianga placing 1st, which was just a cherry on top for the whole day experience. To the window to the wall, it seems like Hokianga really has got it all.