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2023 Special Character Week – a week of amazing events

Alexandria Lazatin and Johann Ang

The Special Character Team of 2023 is excited to announce that Special Character Week is happening next week! This is the brief outline of what we have in store for our students and staff to enjoy: 

22 May: Monday 

Interval and Lunch 

C Block Courtyard

Caritas Social Justice Awareness Banners 

The students will be shown different issues around the world and will be asked to sign up in support of them.  

  • This is an opportunity to get involved in the banner. It will highlight the social justice prompts Caritas aims to encourage everyone around the globe to help the cries of those in need – ‘Live it, Sweat it, Move it, Stop it’. 
23 May: Tuesday 


Special Character Quiz 
  • This will be trivia questions that aim to test our school community of what they know about anything Special Character related. It is a good chance for students (and staff) to come together and learn! 
24 May: Wednesday 


C Block Courtyard 

Music Performances 
  • Special Performances by the school’s talented students are going be showcased on this day. It will help emphasise that everyone is important and loved through God’s love.  
25 May: Thursday 


C Block Courtyard 

Vinnies Day 



  • Vinnies Day aims to inform students about how they can get involved.  
  • It will be a great opportunity for all students to sign up! 
  • While the Vinnies’ leaders and committee have a school community ‘give back’. Free Sausage Sizzle for everyone!  
26 May: Friday   Feast Day Mass 


  • A mass where we can be reminded of the Feast of Mother Mary’s Visitation and celebrate together our faith as a school community.    
Caritas Challenge 
  • For Senior Students: An overnight challenge where several activities aim to spread awareness of the different issues around the world and our responsibility as members of the Church to follow the Catholic social teachings.