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3×3 – Intermediate Team 2 and Team 5 Top the Table

Our young basketball talent has been showcased during the inaugural SMC 3×3 Competition.

Monday 14 September sees us heading into playoff week, and after six weeks of basketball, Intermediate 2 (first seed) and Intermediate 5 (second seed) take out the top two spots in the final standings.

They will be the two teams to look out for during the Intermediate 3×3 Playoffs.

Here are the final placings heading into the Intermediate Grade Playoff Week (Wins/Draws/Losses):

1. Intermediate 2 (16W/1D/2L)

2. Intermediate 5 (15W/2D/2L)

3. Intermediate 7 (9W/1D/8L)

4. Intermediate 8 (9W/1D/6L)

5. Intermediate 6 (6W/0D/11L)

6. Intermediate 1 (5W/1D/12L)

7. Intermediate 3 (5W/0D/13L)

8. Intermediate 4 (4W/0D/15L)

All eight teams have the chance to play for the title of Intermediate 3×3 Champions. However, what seed the team is placed in will determine how difficult the pathway is going to be.

The quarter-final matchups on Monday will involve the top seed (Intermediate 2) taking on the eighth seed (Intermediate 4), the second seed (Intermediate 5) taking on the seventh seed (Intermediate 3), the third seed (Intermediate 7) taking on the sixth seed (Intermediate 1), and the fourth seed (Intermediate 8) taking on the fifth seed (Intermediate 6).

These matches are very important if teams want to move forward into the path to glory!

The winners of each quarter-final matchup will progress to the semi-finals while the losers will play for 5th – 8th through a similar semi-final and final matchup.

All semi-final matches are played on Tuesday 15 September while the 3rd – 8th place playoff games will be played on Thursday 17 September.

The Grand Final will end the Intermediate 3×3 Competition on Friday 18 September; the two teams to go head to head for the title of inaugural SMC Intermediate 3×3 Champions.

It is certainly going to be an entertaining week of Intermediate playoff games!

So come along and watch our young talent play in the school gym during lunchtimes this week to see all the action unfold.

You can also follow along on the school website, where updates will be released throughout the entire playoff series.

Ethan Siao