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40 hour famine Mufti Day – our generation united

As the bell rang signaling the start of homeroom, the students of SMC were dashing around the school grounds with their mufti clothes showing their support for the Syrian refugees.

At lunch, there were fun filled activities and deafening music that could be heard even from the primary! With a gold coin donation, you could have your face painted by the seniors. This was loved by all students especially the Year 7s and 8s who were keen and eager to have their faces painted with all sorts of majestic creatures and blended colours.

“I have a panda on my face. It is really cool, I love it!” a Year 7 said.

After school there was a famine walk all the way through Point View Reserve. A large number of students walked all the way to Point View Reserve, giving their time and also experiencing a little bit of the Syrian child refugee’s life and their desperate journey looking for shelter and a place to live.

Overall, through all the face paintings and the gold coin donations, we have raised $1216.90! This money and the donations that will be gathered from the students from participating in the 40 hour famine itself will be given to World Vision to provide child friendly spaces, nutritious food and classroom and playground equipment in the refugee camps.

This is help the children to learn and live as normally as possible without any disruptions and with their loved ones by their side.

What a tremendous day it has been! On behalf of the 40 hour famine committee, thank you for all the love and support!

Franchesca Fernandez