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40 Hour Famine Walk

Last Friday eight students from the 40-hour Famine Committee joined the 40-hour famine walk led by Mrs Cummings. This was a 7.44km walk up Point View Drive.

The eight students left school at 3:30 pm with many others and returned at 6:00 pm. On the walk, the students climbed many stairs and went up many hills to see some amazing views. They were even lucky enough to see a hedgehog.

This walk was a chance for the 40-hour famine members to get together before the 40-hour famine weekend started, when over 400 students from Sancta Maria took part in the challenge in order to support the refugee children in Syria.

The funds raised from the children of Sancta Maria College go towards supporting World Visions’ Child-Friendly Spaces in Jordan, where education and counseling are provided.

Mia Gilchrist