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40hr famine Bake Sale raises $383


The 40hr famine Bake Sale kicked off a big weekend for students who were taking part in the charity event, through sacrifices such as no eating, no talking or no sugar.

The Bake Sale was a great success with the committee raising $383.10. Many students rushed to C Block at morning tea and lunch time and some even pre-ordered the delicious treats before they had gone on sale.

The 40hr famine is a charitable event that Sancta Maria College is very proud to support and take part in. To do the challenge is one contribution, but the College knows that there is so much more we can do to make a difference. And the Bake Sale was one such action.

The 40hr committee look forward to putting on more exciting events and activites in the upcoming weeks on behalf of World Vision.

Shontelle Matano