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A busy start of the year for the Young Vinnies Hospice group

This year, the Sancta Maria Tōtara Hospice group mentored by Dr Laux is joining forces with the Sancta Maria College Young Vinnies community. This means more students can learn about the work Tōtara Hospice are doing for the South and South-East communities in Auckland.

Tōtara Hospice mainly supports people of the community with life-limiting illnesses, e.g., cancer, heart, lung or kidney failure, neurological diseases. They focus on providing support with comfort, care, and dignity to all their patients and families during their challenging health journeys.

Currently, the Sancta Maria Tōtara Hospice group are busy preparing the (traditional) annual Christmas presents that will make 200 volunteers working at the Hospice feel valued for their time helping the community. If you want to help, come to CU7 on Thursday’s during lunchtime and help paint beautiful trinket boxes. This project is in partnership with the University of Auckland’s Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology, who kindly donated the boxes. Dr Fitzgerald, an old friend of Dr Laux saw this as an opportunity to give back to the community while supporting the sustainable goals of the University of Auckland.

On 20 June 2024, a small group of students will also attend the Tōtara Hospice Volunteer Long Service Recognition Lunch and be part of the ceremony by performing a few songs and helping with the planting of a memorial tree. For this occasion, a group of students mentored by Mrs McCreath are crocheting heart brooches to be donated as small recognition gifts.

If you want to be part of upcoming events at the Hospice, please don’t forget to read the notices and follow the Young Vinnies Schoology page.

Thank you to all the students and staff who are supporting our Young Vinnies and Tōtara Hospice group – you are all doing an amazing job.