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A day at the V8s

On a day filled with unpredictable weather, a ray of sunshine shone upon a selected number of Year 10 students who went to the V8 Supercars event to see live action racing cars and understand how the application of what we learn in school, particularly in science and mathematics, helps in their development.

The Pukekohe Raceway is about an hour or so from school, so leaving in the morning gave the students a lot of time to explore the areas around the racetrack. We didn’t have a clue about what to expect when we got through the gates though the blaring noise of revving engines that came from the other side of the wall piqued our curiosity.

Entering through the gates we were met by excited faces and the familiar smell of gas and burnt rubber. We saw the many different cars that were going to be driven just hours later. We saw Formula One cars from the sixties and modern race cars. We saw the pit stops of the racers with their names above them like McLaughlin, Coulthard, Gisbergen, Whincup and more.

Overall, we were very lucky to be able to attend this event sponsored by the V8 Supercars management. We got to take photos with the drivers, get their autographs and more. It was a very enjoyable way to spend a Friday.

Lars Bosales