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A happy workshop for the S.A.D.D. committee

Six Year 13 students make up the S.A.D.D. committee: Bronwyn Horne, Cameron Smith, Ella Lee, Nick Jury, Justin Rojos and ThushariniPushpakumar. They had the pleasure of attending a S.A.D.D. workshop run by social workers, Ally and Amber.

S.A.D.D., previously known as Students Against Drunk Driving, stands for Students Against Dangerous Driving and it is a charity that “empowers young people to make safer and better choices on the road.”

This workshop comprised of several students from different schools around Auckland and each of us learnt and planned ways we could effectively promote S.A.D.D. in our own schools.

From brainstorming to interactive quizzes, we were fully engaged in learning the risks of dangerous driving, each school enthusiastically pitching in their own ideas as well. It was definitely a privilege to attend this workshop!

For several years S.A.D.D. has been active in our school, and this year we aim to bring a lot more to the table.

Remember to always stay safe when driving!

Justin Rojos