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A Lovely Day at Sancta Maria

Adrian Vargas

Love was in the air at Sancta Maria College this Valentine’s Day!

14th of February saw the entire school share their gratitude or their affection for that special someone, delivered in cute little chocolate packages.

An initiative sparked by Thomas, Sandra and Kenny, the Service Prefects of the College, Valentine’s Day was celebrated at Sancta Maria with Hershey’s Kisses, purchased by students who could address the chocolates to someone else and have them delivered on the day, anonymously or with their name signed. The gift was a sign of gratitude as much as a sign of budding romance!

After the first announcements this event proved to be a raging success, with near to 1300 Hershey’s Kisses having been slated for delivery on Valentine’s Day.

Smiles on the students’ faces brightened the day, as they received chocolates from their best friend, or even a secret admirer!

The initiative went on to raise $515.90 in funds, and these proceeds will all be donated to Tongan Relief, which will go directly to assisting Tonga’s recovery from the recent disasters.