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A memorable feast day


It’s that time of year again when Sancta Maria College celebrates its annual feast day. This time of year is very significant for the school as it is used not only to reflect on our school’s values, but it is celebrated so we, as a school, can remember the importance of the Visitation.

It was one rainy morning, when students and staff alike were preparing for the full school Mass. Despite the rush at the start of the day, the Mass went as smooth as can be. We were very lucky to have, once again, our school chaplain – Fr. Kevin – to lead our celebration, assisted by St. Luke’s Parish priest – Fr. Craig.

Not only was the occasion a chance to give both students and teachers a chance to reflect on this special day, during the Mass a group of students were given roles as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist through a commissioning ceremony.

As the day went on the weather got better and so did the rest of feast day. The blessings did not just stop at Mass as, thanks to the performing arts prefects (Ella Flores and Anna Nguyen), with help from the Drama Leaders, a talent quest was put on for the entertainment of the school. Not only was it organised so the school can come together to be entertained, but it was organised for Sancta Maria College so that students from the school could appreciate each other’s talents.

We would like to thank the worship band and the Kapa Haka group for their amazing music, to the students who helped plan the Mass and the talent quest, and of course the teachers, who made this feast day possible.

Faith Cruz