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A spirit week to remember

Andrea Araza

2024 Spirit week ignited enthusiastic energy which set the stage for an exciting athletics day at the end of the week, infusing the school with a contagious passion.


Monday kicked off with banner making in C-block courtyard with students unleashing their creativity onto banners that would then be transformed into vibrant representations of house pride. Banners were set out on display during Monday lunchtime and students added a part of themselves to their respective house banner, showing everyone’s involvement as a team.


Tuesday’s activity tested the strength and teamwork of each house in an exhilarating battle of tug-of-war. As every team dug their feet into the ground and clenched onto the rope, there was a strong sense of unity that would then be carried out into athletics day on Friday.


As Wednesday rolled around, the auditorium was buzzing with electrifying dance moves. A Just Dance competition took place with each house coming up to the front to show off their best moves. Every dancer radiated their passion into each step, glide, and twirl.


Thursday’s pie throwing left the prefects’ faces adorned in whipped cream.


After an action-packed Spirit week, the grand finale of athletics day finally arrived. Spirit Week united the school community with a week of unforgettable events and thrilling memories, with each day bringing its own unique highlight to 2024.