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Academic Excellence Celebrated at Assembly

Congratulations to the students recognised for their academic success during our Academic Honours Assembly!

Sancta Maria College students and parents gathered in the Auditorium for our Academic Honours Assembly yesterday. Along with invited 2019 School leavers, more than 250 students were recognised for their success in NCEA levels 1, 2 and 3. The students were rewarded for their high-level thinking and countless hours of hard work throughout the year.

Last year’s NCEA pass rates were exceptional! We achieved a pass rate of 97.8% for Level 1 students, 99.3% for Level 2 students and 95.9% for Level 3 students! Our academic award system recognises those students in Y11, 12 and 13 with a silver or gold award. A silver award requires 50 Merit and/or Excellence credits and a Gold award requires at least 50 or more Excellence credits. In addition students who gain Excellence endorsement from 4 or more subjects receive a Scholar’s badge.

The following remarkable students achieved scholarships within their subject fields in 2019:

Sophia Bebelman
Danica Loulie-Wijtenburg
Zoe Chou
Samantha Mebius
Emma Sim-Smith
Anna Nguyen
Mia Gilchrist
Angelito Castro
Breanna Jury

We also acknowledge all those students who did not receive an award. We congratulate each individual’s hard work in the different aspects of school life. As Academic prefect Harrison Munday stated, “For those sitting here today who may not have achieved the goals or results they wanted last year, we encourage you to use this as motivation, to work harder and to make the best of your abilities.”

We should all be proud of our efforts and continue to do our very best in the year ahead of us!

Congratulations again to the students and prefects rightfully acknowledged and recognised in our Academic Honours Assembly.

Jennifer Zeng