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Adieu Paris

On their final day in Paris, after spending the night packing up their things, the group headed out early to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. After two previous attempts to get into Norte Dame had failed due to the long queues of tourists, our group finally managed to tour around the interior of the Cathedral early Tuesday morning.

After the tour the group then continued to stick to the programme as we headed to another art museum that was once a train station: Musée d’Orsay. Once again the group had to work quickly as they had only two hours there to look at all the pieces. This consisted of many ‘wow’ moments as seeing the works of Van Gogh, Degas, Munsch and Monet in the flesh was too much to comprehend.

The opportunity was then given to the group to have one final splurge of retail therapy in the fashion capital of the world as the group had a few hours to themselves to buy last minute souvenirs and clothes.

Once back at the hostel the group then said their final goodbyes (many knowing that sometime later in their lifetime that they will be back) to the city, as they departed by train to be finally reunited with their exchange families waiting for them in Arras.

Niamh Walsh