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Akaroa House Prefects for 2023

Lusia Koloamatangi

Throughout these series of articles, we get to learn more about our school Prefects, their roles, background, and aspirations. Today we are introduced to the Akaroa House Prefects, Jennifer Zeng, and Yohan Solanga Arachchige Don.

As the house leaders of Akaroa, both Jennifer and Yohan believe their responsibilities lie in being good role models and representatives of their house. They believe that leading by example is a key aspect in fulfilling their roles as Prefects. Furthermore, they feel that their roles are best carried out when they are encouraging and connecting with those in their house, especially during events.


Jennifer Zeng

Seeing a chance to give back to the school, Jennifer jumped at the chance to contribute to the college and have a voice for the students.

Jennifer is a passionate person who enjoys involving herself in countless activities throughout the school. She is an active member of the News Centre, Cultural Festival Committee and is also involved in the Senior Orchestra. Jennifer is a dedicated musician who has been playing the cello ever since Year 9, but also finds time for reading and maintaining academics.

Throughout her life, Jennifer’s biggest inspiration is her mother, who has taught her many values including being a hard worker. Taking this into consideration, Jennifer stated that, “To those wanting to become a Prefect in the future, you shouldn’t expect anything without putting the time and effort in.”


Yohan Solanga Arachchige Don

Wanting to have the ability to change things in school, Yohan was certain that becoming a Prefect was the right path for him. He wanted to take on the responsibility of being a Prefect so that he could make a difference and guide the school community.

Having used to play cricket for the school, Yohan is a highly active individual. He spends his time creating and constructing, specifically cars and racetracks. Overall, Yohan enjoys practical activities that require him to craft and work with a variety of equipment, which is shown in his interest in technology hard materials.

For Yohan, the most inspirational person in his life is his father. Yohan added that his father taught him to become more involved and to try different things. This advice has aided him during his journey to becoming a Prefect and he stated, “For the students thinking about becoming a Prefect in the future, you should be that person who tries to make a change and participate in school activities, not for the sake of becoming a Prefect but because you enjoy it.”