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Alexandria and Samara compete in Speech Competition


Speech finalists, Alexandria Lazatin (Yr9) and Samara Anubhav (Yr10), competed in an intense speech competition on Tuesday night at Pakuranga College. Every school participating had extremely talented speakers, ranging from Year 9-11, making each round intriguing and entertaining.

Students presented their speeches in various styles. Some made the audience laugh or happy and others made them sad or think deeply about their topic. It was truly incredible. The students’ speech topics were unique – they truly wowed us with some comedic and some serious situations occurring in our world.

Alexandria and Samara went up against some astonishing and brilliant speakers. But after a short and agonizing break, the 2 judges revealed their decision.

Year 9, Alexandria Lazatin placed 1st with her motivational speech, ‘Hope for the Environment’. In the Year 10’s category, Samara Anubhav came 3rd – once again opening our eyes to the negative effects of wanting more advanced and smarter technology.

It was a very tough competition, but all the students who participated did an extraordinary job in executing their speeches. The passion and confidence shown from each speaker was truly exceptional.

Alexandria Lazatin