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All’s Well That Ends Well


With the Year 10s finishing off their camp, the Year 9s spent their final off-timetable day reflecting on their wellbeing, studying the great playwright William Shakespeare and watching a modern movie version of a Shakespearean play.

The morning was filled with ‘The Game of Wellbeing’, organised by the LOGOS team. In teams of 10, we rushed to complete enough activities to fill the table and balance our wellbeing. Each of the 5 aspects of wellbeing had 5 different activities – each with levels of difficulty which determined the number of stickers given upon completion. The tasks ranged from spending 10 minutes meditating to doing a difficult egg and spoon race. Penny, one of the LOGOS team, ran around giving teams ‘Life Events’, which raised the bar in some wellbeing areas, but lowered others.

All the activities from the LOGOS team helped us to understand the different aspects of wellbeing, and the importance of having a balanced hauora. They brought teams closer together through supporting, praying, overcoming obstacles and sharing stories with each other.

After interval, we split into homerooms and learned about the life of Shakespeare with our homeroom teacher. This included quizzes about his personal life, teachings on vocabulary and making up phrases using Shakespearean language.

The day ended with a movie in the auditorium – a modernized version of the Taming of the Shrew titled 10 Things I Hate About You. Year 9s brought along blankets, pillows, drinks and snacks to make for a comfortable and enjoyable ‘movie afternoon’.

Overall, it was a great day for all the Year 9s involved, and we would like to thank the LOGOS team, Mr Camp and all the English teachers for making today a possibility.

Alanna Santoso